The Future of Television Viewing in France

Television in France is changing fast, all thanks to innovative streaming platforms like Molotov and Salto. These platforms are winning over French viewers and completely altering how they watch TV. One standout is Molotov, a French startup, which has revolutionized TV by offering a user-friendly and flexible service. It lets viewers enjoy their favorite shows whenever and wherever they want.

On the flip side, VIP OTT, a French Netflix-style project involving TF1, M6, and France Télévisions, is encountering hurdles, boasting only 800,000 subscribers compared to Netflix’s 10 million in France. Nevertheless, the interest shown by potential subscribers like Canal+ indicates that VIP OTT’s content continues to hold value.

Watch What You Want, When You Want

One of the main attractions of internet TV is the ability to view content on-demand. Subscribers can choose programs from an extensive library and watch anytime, anywhere in France. No more schedule limitations. Popular streaming services like Netflix, Canal+, BeIN Sports and OCS give access to thousands of shows and movies on-demand from France and around the world.

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View Television Anywhere, On Any Device

Online streaming has the added benefit of letting frensh viewers watch TV on their mobile devices while on the go. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can all display internet content, making it easy and convenient. This portable access is especially appreciated by younger audiences in France.

in the other hands, Services like myCanal and Salto have apps that allow you to take your shows on the move across France. you can check our blogs to see where you can watch channels easly.

Customize Your Channel Package

In France, some online TV providers let you choose the channels you want for a personalized lineup. This way, you have more flexibility compared to the fixed channel bundles from cable and satellite providers. Many French viewers are finding these customizable options, like the ones offered by Molotov, really appealing.

The Future of television is Streaming

In France, traditional TV still airs live events like news and sports, but more and more people are switching to on-demand streaming for entertainment. According to Médiamétrie, online TV makes up 18% of TV viewing in France as of 2022.

The internet has caused big changes in various industries, and now it’s transforming television too. The future of TV in France is all about streaming.